Iranian Neurogenetics Society- Introduction
Iranian Neurogenetics Society

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  Advancements of the science of genetics in recent years in different aspects of human life such as medicine, agriculture, industry and environment require precise knowledge of the principles of genetics.

  With regard to the facts that:

  - 50% of all human genome are expressed in the brain

  - 90% of muscular diseases and most of the sensory diseases (ophthalmic, auditory, etc.) are caused by genetic factors

  - Many serious neurologic and psychiatric diseases have genetic roots

  - Neurology and genetics are inseparable

  the “German Society of Neurogenetics” was founded in 1994 to address questions on the genetics of normal and abnormal function of the nervous system.

  Lack of such a society in Iran made pioneers and specialists of neurology and genetics to take steps to establish the main body of the society in 2004. Relevant documents were presented to the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME) and approval was obtained in 2005.

  The members of the board of directors were then elected on Nov. 8. 2005 in the presence of the representative of the MOHME and “The Iranian Neurogenetics Society”, the second society of its kind in the world, commenced its activities in the early 2006.

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